The Irish Times
Monday, December 20, 1999

Back to earth after two years

US: A Californian woman finally returned to earth at the weekend after
saving the giant redwood tree that had been her home since December 1997.

Ms Julia Butterfly Hill lived in the 200 ft (60 m) redwood as a one-woman
protest against continued logging of the trees, which can live for 2,000
years and which once covered 2 million acres of the western US.

Ms Hill reached an agreement with the Pacific Lumber Company, which owns
the land, that her tree - which she called Luna - and a 2.9 acre buffer
zone around it would be spared the axe. In return, Ms Hill and her
supporters promised to pay $50,000 to Pacific Lumber to make up for the
lost logging revenues that her protest had caused. As part of the
settlement, Pacific Lumber donated the money to Humboldt State University
for forestry studies.

(Guardian Service)

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