Tuesday, December 22, 1998

Tree-Sitter Hopes Loggers Will See the Lights

Associated Press

STAFFORD, Calif. -- Julia Butterfly Hill, who has been living in an ancient
redwood tree for nearly a year to prevent loggers from cutting it down, is
putting up lights for Christmas.

But just as Hill's tree, which she calls Luna, is hundreds of times bigger
than an ordinary Christmas tree, so are her lights. They are flashing
beacons with a range of over two miles.

The 24-year-old protester announced the tree-lighting Monday in a news
release issued from her 8-foot-by-8-foot platform wedged among thick
branches 180 feet up the giant redwood.

She said that with the lights, Luna "will stand bright and tall, reminding
each of us that in this time of sharing, we must come together to find

Hill and the Rainforest Action Network have been fighting Pacific Lumber
Co. in an attempt to save the Headwaters Forest from the woodsman's ax.

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