December 7, 1999

On Friday, December 10, 1999 Julia Butterfly Hill will reach
the 2-year mark of her uninterrupted tree-sit in a 1,000 year
old redwood tree known as Luna. The tree is located above the
town of Stafford, California, which was partially destroyed by
a massive mudslide, New Years Day, 1997. Hill, 25, has lived on
a 6-foot by 8-foot tarp-covered platform 180 feet above the
ground and has vowed that she will not come down until permanent
protection could be provided for Luna.

As another freezing winter begins, Hill and her representatives
are working toward a resolution with Pacific Lumber/Maxxam
Corporation that would protect Luna and a 200 foot buffer zone
around it in perpetuity. If brought to completion, the tediously
crafted, legally binding preservation agreement will bring closure
to this high-profile, life-threatening stand-off. Hill is unable
to predict how long it will take to finalize the agreement but she
is firmly committed to maintain her tree-top vigil until after
permanent protection is guaranteed.

Julia Butterfly Hill, Luna and this tree-sit have come to stand as a
symbol of hope to millions of people world wide. Now the whole world
is watching and waiting in hope that this situation can be brought to
a conclusion with safety and dignity.

A rally will be held to honor her efforts on Sunday, December 12
at 10AM in Stafford, California in Humboldt County, 240 miles north
of San Francisco on highway 101.

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