>Timber interests, local leaders criticize Earth First!
>over tactics
> Press Democrat Staff Writer

Having read a number of Geniella's articles, I was prepared to get furious
(again). However, after carefully reading through it, I'm fast coming to
the conclusion that someone has been making an effort to spin him back
towards responsible journalism. And it seems to be working. While this
latest article is miles from what any of us would want him to write, it is
the most even-handed one I've read yet.

I don't know if David's death stirred something within him, but something's
happening with Geniella.

If one or more of us has the right touch, especially whoever might be
behind this current one, it looks like now is the time to "come to the
table" (as he suggests in his article) to secure a stronger and more
valuable relationship with him.

This quote at the end of the article says a lot about his frame of mind:
Rieke said solutions arise only when participants
are willing to come to the table and start fresh.

"At that point, leadership is crucial. And the best
leadership is usually homegrown. People have to
be willing to take risks, to listen to the other
person and find a common ground. It's not easy.
It's not often successful. But it can be done.

Do we have the peacemaker in our midst who can strike while the iron's hot?
(sorry, just *had* to mix a metaphor)

We could sure use Mike in the middle if not all the way over to our side.


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