Sheriff's deputies use pepper spray against logging protesters
(from Netscape's "Intranet" Headlines of US News from CNN)

October 8, 1998
Web posted at: 6:24 a.m. EDT (1024 GMT)

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, California (CNN)-- Sources from the
County Sheriff's Office confirmed to CNN that pepper spray was used in
an incident with anti-logging protestors Wednesday morning.

In a written statement, the sheriff's department
says pepper spray was directly applied to two protestors when they
actively resisted arrest. The two were part of a group of four who had
locked themselves to logging equipment.

The incident took place on Highway 36 near
Carlotta on the same road Earth First activist David Chain was killed by
a falling log on September 18.

In a press release issued Thursday, Earth First
says its blockade next to Grizzly State Park is to protect the area
until an independent investigation into his death can be conducted.
Earth First protesters said they will maintain the blockade until the
investigation is done and Pacific Lumber/Maxxam discontinues logging and
cutting old growth.

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