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"Logging death probe continues"

...Experts will study the site, [Sheriff's Lt. Steve] Cobine said, as he
and other sheriff's investigators know little about the dynamics of how
trees fall.

Arcata attorney Steve Schectman is conducting his own investigation on
behalf of Chain's family and the [Pacific Lumber] company is also
investigating. Cobine said he doesn't think an outside law enforcement
agency would take over the investigation.

The department is thoroughly investigating the circumstances of Chain's
death because it is a high profile case, Cobine said. It would otherwise
merely gather evidence from the scene of the accident and talk to

"They all think we're in (PL President John) Campbell's hip pocket," he
said. "Its ridiculous. Its ludicrous."

Cobine said many people are phoning to give their opinion. Some have
already made up their minds, he said.

PL spokeswoman Mary Bullwinkel said the company's investigation is
continuing. Chain's family, which was in the area Monday and Tuesday,
did not contact the company, she said.

Earth First activist James "squid" Morry said Wednesday a blockade of
the road leading to the site of Chain's death, will continue

"We're holding out for Pacific Lumber's license to be revoked," Morry
said. "At the very least, we're going to stay there until the timber
harvest plan has been canceled."

The state Department of Forestry last week found PL to be in violation
of two forest practice laws in the Grizzly Creek area.

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