How Gypsy Really Died

When we arrived on the scene the loggers shouted obscenities at us while

someone tried to reason with them. An activist said they should stop
logging until the California Department of Forestry showed up because we

were told by John Marshall, director of CDF, that they would come today.

Although they hadn't shown up, we thought they might soon, but the
disagreed. Someone continued to talk calmly to him until he became
aggressive and started chasing us back the way we came. The logger gave
and stood in place shouting at us and then walked back to the tree and
started cutting again. We regrouped and decided to try to talk to him
again. This time he seemed less angry but he threatened to fall a tree
our direction and that we had better leave. We all scrambled out of the
as the tree fell dangerously close. When we had arrived on the scene
earlier the loggers had been falling trees downhill but this tree had
purposely fallen in our direction, side hill. I was hiding when I heard
start on another tree and yell out that this tree was a tall one and
easily reach us. We again regrouped and had a meeting/snack break to
what we would do next. As we were eating we heard the next one starting
go. It sounded as though it was next to us and I froze in fear. Gypsy
another activist started to move but the tree hit the ground before they

could get up. Luckily that one didn't come close enough to hurt us
if we had been sitting in its path we would not have gotten away in
After that last one fell we decided to talk to the loggers one more time

before leaving. We all got up and broke into two groups, three would be
down hill, three would be uphill, slightly west of where the loggers
working, including myself and Gypsy. Another activist and Gypsy were
to the loggers and I hung back a little ways from them. We were all
at the logger that we were coming to talk and that he should stop
this tree. I then heard the tree about to fall. I dove into some
and under some small trees. I looked up just in time to see a huge
fir coming down nearly on top of me. The main trunk came within 10 feet
me and if I hadn't been under the small trees the Douglas fir's branches

would have hit me. I brushed myself off and walked out into the steep
clearing that the tree created when it fell. Almost instantly the
protesters and the logger congregated on the scene. Someone was shouting
him that he could have killed us. It was then that I heard someone
frantically calling out "Gypsy, Gypsy, where's Gypsy?!! He was right
me ~. I shouted out for him but there was no answer. It was then that
body was found by the logger. He was about 15 feet farther down the
then when I had last seen him. And when I caught sight of him I saw that
had massive head trauma. I ran all the way to Grizzly National Park to
the news out about what had happened. Gypsy died doing CDF's job.

Farmer, eye witness, activist

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