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Redwood Action Team
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Tree Sitter Falls 80 Feet while Defending Forest Where Activist David Chain
was Killed

Contact: Darryl Cherney 707/943-3788

January 22, 1999. Gypsy Mountain, Carlotta, CA. An Earth First!
tree-sitter was injured when he fell out of his tree at 7 pm tonight in the
same location where activist David "Gypsy" Chain was killed by a Pacific
Lumber logging operation last September 17. The activist, known only as
Steve, had been occupying a tree since November along with another tree
sitter, Lilly, in order to stop Pacific Lumber from completing logging in
the area where Chain was killed. Activists see the area both as a crime
scene and as a sacred site requiring preservation. As of 9:00 pm Steve
was alive, talking and able to move his fingers and his toes. A Humboldt
County rescue team had just arrived on the scene.

"It's a tragedy that activists have to continue to risk their lives to stop
the insane logging policies of the MAXXAM Corporation," said Earth First!
activist Darryl Cherney. "We know tree-sitting is dangerous, but inaction
is even more dangerous in the face of deforestation and planetary
destruction. Our forests are dying, our creeks are dying, our fish are
dying, our temperature is being radically altered. It should come as no
surprise that at least a few people are willing to take bold action to save
our Mother Earth."

Two other tree sitting actions are ongoing in Humboldt County, which is
rapidly becoming known as the tree-sitting capital of the world. Three
tree-sitters have been facing off MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber's redwood
clearcutting for the last 4 months in the Freshwater Creek Watershed
outside of Eureka, California and Julia Butterfly Hill enters her 14th
month in Luna, the giant redwood, which overlooks a massive, logging-caused
mudslide in Stafford, California. Tonight's accident is not expected to
alter those sitters resolve to remain aloft in their tree-top perches.

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