If you hven't heard from the USWA lately here is why:

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Sorry Bob, we're in Ashland, OR for the confrerence this weekend. If you come
up with something let me know. At this point we're headed back to Spokane
after the conference until we see something substantial from the Fortuna area.
I will e mail you with a letter that I would like to have put in your paper,
hopefully to gain some interest and I believe the International Union will be
doing some advertising in that area also. Will let you know what and when.
Thanks for your assistance while we were there. We contacted a number of names
on the list you gave us this morning, not many of the names matched the people
at those numbers and those that did were not even interested in any union. The
one individual we contacted that also tried to gain interest in the mills was
called into the office, and will probably end up getting fired. Pretty sad
state of affairs.
Will keep in contact.

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