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>Saturday, June 13, 1998
>San Francisco Chronicle
>Letters to the Editor
>Editor -- Your June 8 editorial on the fate of Headwaters Forest
>correctly noted that Pacific Lumber's unwillingness to agree to
>adequate measures to protect the threatened Coho salmon continues
>to be the greatest threat to the Headwaters agreement. To date,
>Pacific Lumber and state and federal negotiators have failed to
>produce a credible plan to adequately protect the Coho. In fact,
>the plan unveiled last February by the negotiators provided for
>streamside buffers to protect the Coho of only 30 feet, barely
>wide enough to contain a single old-growth redwood along
>fish-bearing streams.
>While the transfer of the Headwaters Grove to public ownership is
>a laudable goal, it simply can not be justified if part of the
>cost of doing so will be the sacrifice of the surrounding
>ecosystem. To those who worry that Pacific Lumber owner Charles
>Hurwitz will walk away from the deal should it turn more
>restrictive, I say let him walk. Let him walk away from $380
>million in compensation for trees that he would in all likelihood
>never be allowed to cut. Let him live under the same environmental
>restrictions that all other California landowners are or will soon
>be subject to. Even with the stronger environmental protections
>demanded by state Senator Byron Sher and Assemblywoman Carole
>Migden, the Headwaters purchase is a very good deal for Mr.
>Hurwitz. He would do well to end his belligerent opposition to
>reasonable environmental restrictions on his remaining lands and
>accept the proposition offered by Sher and Migden while he can
>still avail himself of it.
>Ted Nordhaus
>Executive Director Headwaters Sanctuary Project Oakland
>1998 San Francisco Chronicle Page A20
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