July 23, 1998
San Francisco Chronicle, pg. A14

U.S. Assails State's Headwaters Logging Plan
Alex Barnum, Chronicle Staff Writer

In a move that raises new concerns about the deal to protect Headwaters
forest, federal officials have rebuked California's forestry agency for
approving what they said was possibly an unlawful logging plan on
property owned by Pacific Lumber Co.

The regional administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service said
in a letter Turesday that the logging plan could violate federal
endangered species statutes and called on the state to immediately
revoke its approval.

"The (fisheries service) is deeply concerned and disappointed by the
Californial Department of Forestry's disregard for its responsibilities
and obligations," wrote the agency official, William Hogarth.

The letter said the state's approval "has the potential to compromise"
implementation of the $380 million deal to save the Headwaters forest.

In response, Pacific Lumber abruptly halted cutting trees in the area
covered by the logging plan. And state officials quickly called a
meeting with agency scientists and the company to discuss concerns about
the plan.

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