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Pacific Lumber fined after
pleading no contest to violating
Forest Practice Act

EUREKA, Calif (AP) -- Pacific Lumber Co. and a
subsidiary have been fined after pleading no
contest in
Humboldt Superior Court to three criminal
violations of
the state Forest Practice Act.

In return, eight criminal misdemeanor counts
dropped, deputy District Attorney Ariana Seldon

Judge Timothy Cissna imposed $8,100 in fines
$21,600 in restitution on Pacific Lumber and
Pacific Holding Co.

The restitution will be paid to the Humboldt
Resource Conservation District, which will use
it for
erosion control projects. The company also was
arraigned Tuesday on three new criminal charges

involving other alleged offenses. A hearing on
these was
set for Feb. 23.

The charges settled Tuesday involved violations

allegedly committed between July and October
1998 in
the Elk River, Bear River and Freshwater Creek

In December the state Forestry Department
revoked the
company's conditional timber operator's license
those violations. The company is currently
negotiating for
a new license.

Pacific Lumber was convicted Tuesday of leaving
slash piles along the banks of
the Elk River and violating the terms of its
timber harvest plan on a site near
Freshwater, resulting in the destruction of a
spotted owl roost.

Scotia Pacific was convicted of driving heavy
equipment through the bed of the
Bear River rather than building culverts.

The three new charges involve burning
vegetation in buffer zones along the Elk
and Eel rivers.

Company spokeswoman Mary Bullwinkel said the
company is taking new steps
to reduce violations and meet conditions for a
new logging license.

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