NOVEMBER 11, 1998

Headwaters Forest Coalition calling for an end to MAXXAM's illegal logging
and violence

Contacts: Alicia Littletree, Mendocino Earth First! Alicia Littletree 468-1660
Kevin Bundy, Environmental Protection Information Center
(707) 923-2931
Josh Brown, North Coast Earth First! (707) 825-6598

Arcata, CA--The Headwaters Forest Coalition is calling for a huge march
and rally, Sunday November 15th, 1998, beginning at noon, at the Arcata
Plaza in downtown Arcata. The Rally will cap off an important week in the
struggle to
protect Headwaters Forest from logging by Maxxam Corporation and Pacific
Lumber. A Eureka public hearing on PL's Habitat Conservation Plan drew
hundreds of community members on Tuesday, November 10th, the same day that
the California Department of Forestry announced its decision to suspend
PL's timber operator's license due to continuing violations of the Forest
Practice Act. Sunday's rally is an opportunity to let lawmakers and
Pacific Lumber know that there is overwhelming opposition to their illegal
logging, and to the use of force and violence against nonviolent protestors
who try to stop it.

Green Party candidate for governor Dan Hamburg and noted civil rights
attorney J. Tony Serra will speak at Sunday's rally, along with other
voices from the environmental and civil rights communities. We will also
hear from the nonviolent protestors who had pepper spray swabbed directly
into their eyes by Humboldt Sheriff's deputies while protesting PL's
destructive logging practices. Several tree sitters will speak via
cellular phone from different threatened watersheds including Freshwater
and Stafford. We will also hear the latest news about the investigation of
the death of Earth First! protestor David "Gypsy" Chain, killed on
September 17 when a PL logger deliberately felled a tree in his direction.
Two weeks ago, Sheriff's detective Juan Freeman told Chain's mother that he
was recommending to the DA that manslaughter charges be filed against the
other environmentalists who were with Chain when he was killed, ignoring
PL's escalating use of violence toward protestors in the woods. No charges
have yet been filed against anyone for the death.

Members of the Headwaters Coalition--including EPIC, Trees Foundation, Bay
Area Coalition for Headwaters, and Earth First!--have been working to
protect the ancient redwoods in Headwaters Forest for over 12 years. In
1986, Charles Hurwitz and his MAXXAM corporation staged a hostile takeover
of locally-owned Pacific Lumber, using junk bonds to finance the buyout.
In the years since, Hurwitz has tripled the rate of cut, clearcut massive
tracts of the company's 200,000 acres, relaxed workers' safety standards,
and sold off valuable components of PL's assets. Environmentalists
strongly oppose the pending Headwaters Forest agreement, because it pays
Hurwitz $500 million of taxpayer money for a fraction of the ancient
forest owned by Pacific Lumber, and requires the government to grant PL a
Habitat Conservation Plan that would allow the company to log the rest.
Hurwitz and MAXXAM are currently being sued in administrative court by the
Office of Thrift Supervision for their involvement in the S&L scandal that
cost the taxpayers $1.6 billion.

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