Carpet Bombing the Capitol With Contributions
Pacific Lumber Gives Hundreds of Thousands to Legislature for $230 Million
Headwaters Vote

Contact: Darryl Cherney, ESP News Service 707/923-4949; Bob Martel,
Humboldt Watershed Council 707/443-7433

The vote to appropriate $230 million of taxpayer money to MAXXAM/Pacific
Lumber for the acquisition of a portion of Headwaters was extremely close
in the California Assembly. It was so close, in fact, that the Capitol
clock had to be literally unplugged at midnight on August 31 when the
assembly would normally end the session for the year. In the precious
minutes that followed Pacific Lumber lobbyists would twist arms and cut
deals to gain the necessary 2/3 majority votes for the huge appropriation.
Headwaters activists have just now discovered the results of that arm
twisting. According to Capitol Weekly (5/17/99), a total of $254,431 was
given to 88 candidates in campaign contributions.

Of the officeholders running for re-election, Pacific Lumber contributed to
nearly 3/4 of them. "MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber was carpet bombing the Capitol
with contributions in order to secure the $230 million share of state money
for Headwaters," said Bob Martel of the Humboldt Watershed Council. "These
politicians had to know MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber campaign money was coming
right out of failed savings and loans and pilfered pension funds. Their
taking campaign contributions from MAXXAM was virtually the same as
receiving stolen money"

The highest contribution earners include Assembly Candidates Bill Leonard
$27,000; Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa-(D)-$21,000; Robert
Hertzberg(D)--$5600; Jim Morrissey(R)--4,000; Curt Pringle(R)--$3000; Brent
Granlund(R)-- $2500; Rico Otler(R)--$2500; Sam Crump(R)--$2500; Marilyn
Brewer--$2,250; and Carol Migden(D)--$2000. Top contributions to
Senatorial candidates included Senators Ross Johnson(R)--$32,750; Ray
Haynes(R)--$5000; Rob Hurtt(R)-$3500; Maurice Johannessen(R)--$2750; and
Tim Leslie (R)--$2000. Northcoast Assemblywoman Virginia Strom-Martin (D)
accepted $500. Then-presiding Attorney General and Gubernatorial
candidate Dan Lungren, who's office chose not to prosecute Pacific Lumber
for killing Earth First! activist David Chain, received $39,381. Some of
the honorable few not on the list include Sen. Tom Hayden, Sen. Byron Sher
and Sen. Ted Lempert.

"The nearly ninety politicians who took money from MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber
should receive the 'Golden Stump' award," said Headwaters activist Darryl
Cherney. "While we were knocking on doors with our hearts in our hands,
Pacific Lumber lobbyists were knocking on doors with thousand dollar bills
in their hands. Hurwitz put up $250,000 and came out of it with $230
million. Whether its junk bonds or junk politicians, Hurwitz knows how to
invest his money. "

Golden Stump Awards
List of Recipients of MAXXAM/PLContributions

Democratic Candidates for Assembly
Antonio Villaraigosa $21,000
Ass. Robert Hertzberg 5600
Assemblymember Lou Pappan 2500
Assembly Carole Migden 2000
Ass. Mike Machado 1500
Assemblymember Dennis Cardoza 1250
Scott Wildman 1000
Kerry Mazzoni 1000
Fred Keeley 1000
Assm Jack Scott 1,000
Assemblymember Virginia Strom-Martin 500
Elaine Alquist 500
Ass. Howard Wayne 500
Ass. Robert Pernell 500 L
Edward Vincent 500
Tony Cardenas 500
assn. Grace Napolitano 500 L
Assem Carl Washington 500
Ass. Rod Wright 500

Democratic Candidates for Senator
Sen. Richard Polanco $1500
Sen. Jim Costa 1000
Sen. John Burton 1000
Sen. Patrick Johnston 1000
Sen. Don Perata 1000
Sen. Dede Alpert 750
Sen. Teresa Hughes 500
Sen. Ralph Dills 500L

Republican Candidates for Assembly
Bill Leonard $27,000
Jim Morrissey 4,000 L
Curt Pringle 3,000L
Rico Oller 2500
Sam Crump 2500L
Brent Granlund 2500
Marilyn Brewer 2,250
Peter Frusetta 2000
Dick Ackerman 1500
Scott Baugh 1500
Gary Miller 1500 L
Chris Mitchum 1500 L
Keith Olberg 1000
Lynne Leach 1000
Abel Maldonado 1000L
Phil Hawkins 1000L
Tom Bordonaro 1000 L
Bob Margett 750
Dave Cox 700L
Tom McClintock 500
Howard Kaloogian 500
Dick Dickerson 500
George Runner 500
Patricia Bates 500
George House 500
Bill Campbell 500
Ken Maddox 500
Rod Pacheco 500
Jim Battin 500
Julie Alban 500 L
Bill Eggers 500 L
Robert Prenter 500L
Ken LaCorte 500L
Bernie Richter 500 L
Nao Takasugi 500L
David Reade (Assmbly) 500L
Jim Cunneen 300
Tony Strickland 250

Republican Candidates for Senator
Sen. Ross Johnson 37,750
Sen. Ray Haynes 5000
Sen. Maurice Johannessen 2750
Sen. Rob Hurtt 2500 L
Sen. Tim Leslie 2000
sen. Eunice Ulloa 1500 L
Sen. Dick Monteith 1500
Sen. Jim Brulte 1000
Sen. Bill Morrow 1000
Roy Ashburn 1000
Sen. Charles Poochigian 750
Sen. Bruce McPherson 500
Sen. David Kelley 500
Sen. Richard Rainey 500
Sen. William Knight 500

Quentin Kopp 500

Other Candidates
Dan Lungren 32,522L
Cruz Bustamonte, Lt. Gov. 1000
R. Barrales Controller 500L
Dave Stirling AG 15,000L
Bill Jones, Sec. of State 6,750
Chuck Quackenbush Ins. 1500

Johanne Klehs (BOE) 2000
Dean Andal BOE 1000
Craig Wilson BOE 500L

L --denotes lost election

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