In the Times Standard today, the following ad appeared on page 3 measuring
about 2/3 rds of a page. It is faithfully transcribed. And as PL says, and
I am sure we can all agree, "Wish a good faith all"

"As America observes Earth Day, the Pacific Lumber Company invites
Californians to celebrate the promise of the landmark Headwaters Agreement.
-Preservation of over 3,000 acres of ancient redwood forest
-The most comprehensive Habitat Conservation Plan ever approved for private
forest lands
-Economic stability for one of California's oldest employers and job
security for our 1,400 employees, and their families

The promise of Headwaters is great. But much remains to be done.

Wish a good faith effort all -- Pacific Lumber, government, the
environmental community, and the people of California --we can work
together to make that promise a reality.

The Headwaters Agreement

Good for the environement
Good for Pacific Lumber and our 1,400 employees
Good for California

"Paid for by the Pacific..." blah blah blah.
"Celebrating 130 years of environment and economic commitment to California."

--Bob Martel

P.S. Yes, I am doing well. Thanks for your concern.

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