SF Chronicle
Letters to the Editor
March 18, 2000


Editor -- The Chronicle story on the status of the Headwaters
Agreement one year later, ``Headwaters Trouble,'' on March 1, was
unfortunately misleading.

The historic Headwaters Agreement not only preserved the last
remaining large stand of old-growth redwood in private ownership, but
The Pacific Lumber Company (PALCO) agreed to a comprehensive Habitat
Conservation Plan (HCP) for the remainder of our forest lands. The
HCP provides for unprecedented protections far in excess of those
required by the state forest practice rules, and were extolled by,
among others, Sen. Feinstein, Secretary Babbitt and Gov. Gray Davis
at the time of their adop tion.

The Pacific Lumber Company is fully implementing the Habitat
Conservation Plan agreed to as part of the Headwaters Agreement. The
grousing by an environmental extremist (who has consistently opposed
the Headwaters Agreement) that we are ``avoiding proper
implementation'' and trying to ``reinterpret the plan'' is pure bunk.
The comments by the Department of Forestry spokesman make that clear.

Further, CDF recently commended PALCO for ``doing an excellent job of
improving compliance'' with the state's forest practice rules. This
is an area of particular focus this past year and clearly reflects
our commitment to doing the job in proper fashion.

Under the HCP, we are gathering and analyzing scientific information
that will be the basis for decisions on how best to manage our
forests in the future. This watershed analysis process isn't a PALCO
process -- but rather involves all relevant state and federal
agencies as partners and has substantial public involvement. It is in
everyone's interest that this process be kept scientific and not
politicized. The site-specific measures that will be produced through
the watershed analysis process will assure healthy, productive
forests on a sustainable basis accompanied with more than adequate
protections for fish and wildlife.

President & Chief Executive Officer The Pacific Lumber Company Scotia

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