Attached: For those of you whose machines can deal with JPEGs. The nice
people at the newspaper added some facts in the caption that couldn't fit on
the banner. One for the textbook for the kids.

Sorry for the dupes - it's because you're both an HFCC'er and an HCP buster.

A Note of Thanks:

The Oakland rally was a big success, and there was some great, varied, and
extensive testimony, all seem to agree. Special thanks to Ken and Celia for
leading the Chain of Peace (that made my day!) And thanks to Dan, Karen,
Darryl, Celia, the Kaiser strikers, Art & Revolution, Robert, Julia, Wavy
Gravy, Michael P, Elyssa, Michael S, Robin, Susan, Karla, Carla, Jill, Kent,
Mark B, Arthur, Dave P, Marin, Mark H, Johanna, Doug B, Carol, Louise, DOUG
MOSEL, Mike, all the other HCP busters (esp. you Kevin), Celia again, Robin
again, Karla again, the banner hangers, all the speakers, Karen again, Susan
again, Michael P again, Kevin again and again, Mark Bult again and again,
all the tablers, Ed for tabling during the rally and whoever else was there
then, Karen again, Julia again and again and again ad infinitum, all the
volunteers, all the folks from the North country who came down esp. you
base-campers, the band and crew (Chuck, Jim, Fred, Sunshine, Carmine, and
Laurence), Pete Soper for the state-of-the-art Myers sound system, all the
dancers, everyone I havent mentioned, especially phone-bankers, and my
friend Dave "Bean" Thomas for writing "Chain of Peace."

Now where we? Oh yes - MAXXAM OUT OF HUMBOLDT.

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