>Note: I am so angry I am having difficulty restraining myself but I
>promise that the following is concisely what the PD printed. Remember do
>not get pissed at the PD. This was done by Humboldt County and any rath
>belongs at that doorstep. - Bob
>Pot found in dead activist's blood
>By Mike Geniella
>Staff writer
>EUREKA-- Humboldt County authorities said Wednesday preliminary drug
>tests show Earth First! activist David Chain had smoked marijuana
>sometime before he was killed by a falling tree while protesting logging
>operations by Pacific Lumber Co.
>Traces of marijuana linger in the body for 30 days or more, said Coroner
>Frank Jager, so its possible that Chain hadn't smoked pot for several
>days or even weeks before the Sept. 17 accident.
>Despite the positive test, Jager said that he isn't yet able to
>determine whether the Austin, Texas man smoked marijuana on the day of
>his death.
>"We plan to conduct further tests which should allow us to determine
>that," Jager said, "But the results could take up to six weeks."
>Steven Schectman, an attorney representing Chain's family, criticized
>authorities for releasing results of the preliminary drug tests.
>"It doesn't mean anything," Schectman said. "He could have smoked a
>little pot a month ago. Its just another attempt to smear environmental
>Schectman also complained drug tests weren't performed on the logger who
>activists believe deliberately cut a tree to fall toward Chain and the
>other activists who were protesting timber cutting by Pacific Lumber Co.
>at a site near Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park.
>"Why not?" Schectman asked. "Because they assumed from the beginning
>that Chain was responsible for his own death."
>Chain, 24, died from severe head injuries after being struck by a
>falling redwood, according to autopsy results disclosed Wednesday by
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