9, 1998

Contacts: Angela Wartes or Jeff Davis, Earth First! 707/ 825-6598

Grizzly Creek Treesit Raided

Earth First! calls for Community Response

At about 11:30 this morning, Humboldt County Sheriffs deputies and
employees of the Maxxam/Pacific Lumber Company (Maxxam/PALCO) arrived
at the Grizzly Creek Treesits to evict the activists occupying trees in
the area since David “Gypsy” Chain’s death on September 17th. Chain was
killed while protesting an illegal logging operation by a tree which
was purposely felled in his direction by a PALCO logger. Two of the
Maxxam/PALCO employees are tree climbers who have ascended the trees to
remove equipment and food and to dismantle the platforms that the
treesitters were using. The two activists in the trees have locked
themselves to branches using metal sleeves and are refusing to leave.

Earth First! has maintained a presence in Grizzly Creek to preserve the
crime scene where David “Gypsy” Chain was killed and to pressure the
state into conducting an independent investigation of his death. So
far, we have been successful in keeping the Sheriffs department and
Maxxam/PALCO from hauling out the trees or further logging in the area.

Earth First! activists and community residents plan to meet at Grizzly

at 6 AM tomorrow morning, December 10th, to respond to this attempted

and possibly engage in nonviolent civil disobedience.

Grizzly Creek is located 17 miles east of Highway 101 on Highway 36.

Maxxam/PALCO had its timber operators license suspended by the
California Department of Forestry due to the company’s extreme
disregard for and repeated violations of the rules and regulations that
govern forest practices in California. Earth First! is determined to
bring attention to these violations until the state and federal
regulatory agencies hold PALCO fully accountable for their actions.


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