>Be careful to get the correct info to accompany article before you
>My sources say that the team turned back on their own because they were
>not fully prepared for the terrain.
> Investigators blocked from
> logging site
> Sep. 26, 1998
> Press Democrat Staff Writer
> A blockade Friday by environmental
> prevented Humboldt County authorities from
> taking a team of outside investigators into
> Pacific Lumber Co. logging site where a
> 24-year-old protester was killed last week
>by a
> falling redwood.
> Members of the team, which included a
> Washington state expert in reconstructing
> accident scenes and representatives of
> David Chain's family, were forced to turn
> because the main access road has been
> "It's ridiculous,'' said Pacific Lumber
> John Campbell. "They claim they want an
> independent investigation, but they make it
> extremely difficult for investigators to
>get to the
> site.''
> Sheriff's investigators said the team will
> reassemble at 9 a.m. today to make another
> attempt to inspect the scene of Chain's
> Earth First! spokesman Josh Brown promised
> protesters will not attempt to block the
> access.
> "We just blockaded the main road to keep
> logging crews away,'' Brown said Friday.
> Meanwhile, about 100 people gathered at
> downtown Santa Rosa's Old Courthouse Square
> on Friday night to protest Chain's death
> cheer the blockade in Humboldt County.
> "The immediate thing is that we'll protect
> evidence,'' said Jan Westphall, known in
> First! as Crazy Owl. He told the crowd the
> activists mounting the blockade are
> also to halt what they believe are illegal
> practices by Pacific Lumber.
> A number of participants in the Santa Rosa
> said despite published statements by an
> First! attorney who said he has no doubt
> logger had no intention to kill anyone,
> believe the logger purposely felled a tree
>in the
> direction of Chain and five others.
> "The activists overall have not said this
>is an
> accident,'' said Jeremy Plumb. "This is not
> accident.''
> The Humboldt County Sheriff's Department
> hired an expert on reconstructing logging
> accidents to review the Pacific Lumber
>site. An
> attorney and an investigator hired by
> family are also part of the entourage, as
>is a team
> from Pacific Lumber.
> Activists contend Chain was crushed to
> after veteran Pacific Lumber logger A.E.
> Ammons deliberately cut a tree to fall
> demonstrators. The company says Ammons was
> unaware Chain was still in the area when
>the tree
> was cut.
> Chain's family plans to visit the site
> early next week. About 300 people attended
> activist's funeral Thursday in his hometown
> Pasadena, Texas.
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