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>The headlines read: "PL guilty of violating forest law."
>the editorial read:
>The Times-Standard offers....thanks...to Maxxam stockholders for
>standing up to majority shareholder Charles Hurwitz when it comes to
>responsible environmental stewardship.
>Though the shareholders, who were encouraging Maxxam to be a more
>environmentally friendly company, were defeated by Hurwitz and his
>supporters in a stockholder vote, the message got out. Even within the
>folds of the giant corporation, which owns Pacific Lumber, sentiment
>toward conserving rather than clearcutting are growing.
>While we wouldn't begin to tell PL what to do with its land, the company
>hopefully at least listened to a substantial portion of its owners. With
>all the negative reaction the company has endured recently, and with
>more and more charges suggesting the company is guilty of habitat
>destruction, the company should tread carefully.
>We appreciate the years of commitment PL has given to this area, and we
>support the rights of the hundreds of workers who depend on the company
>for a living. We only wish Maxxam would begin to take seriously the
>allegations levied against it.
>NO THANKS - to activists and legislators getting in the way of a
>proposed sale of much of the Headwaters Forest to public interests.
>Opponents say the $380 million agreement doesn't protect enough of the
>old-growth redwoods remaining in the forest, but without the agreement
>on the table, none of that land is protected.
>Pacific Lumber has made it clear that he agreement either goes forward
>or the logging trucks venture into the Headwaters Forest and return
>loaded with old-growth trees.
>Granted the agreement isn't ideal, but this is the perfect example of
>the adage, "Beggars can't be choosers." Under the agreement, much of the
>forest will be protected. Without the agreement, the entire forest is
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