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>So while everyone is wondering whether we can ever get a fair shake from
>the feds, here's the latest on our former Insurance Commissioner. Also,
>the Southwest Center for Biological Diversity filed a petition with the
>Justice Deparment to indict Garamendi for violations of federal law.
>Apparantly, John was flagrantly disregarding and re-arranging Fish and
>Wildlife regulations to assist his cronies. Folks, we've got a crook here,
>and Headwaters is about to get the shaft. Yeah, I know, there are all
>crooks, but some are more crooked than others.
>[The San Jose Mercury News]
>Published: Saturday, April 25, 1998
>Section: Front
>Page: 14A
>Associated Press
>Federal investigators are trying to determine whether former Interior
>Department official John Garamendi and his wife, Patti, improperly tapped a
>family trust fund to finance their political activities, according to a
>published report.
>The Copley News Service reported that the U.S. attorney in Sacramento is
>investigating whether the couple used money from the fund -- created to care
>for Patti Garamendi's 79-year-old mother -- after the fund acquired a bank
>loan not intended for political purposes.
>A U.S. Justice Department source confirmed that the office has been looking
>into the matter for ''a few months,'' the news service said.
>Patty Pontello, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney in Sacramento, declined
>to discuss the case. ''We cannot comment one way or the other on whether
>there is an investigation,'' she said.
>Federal prosecutors in Sacramento declined to discuss the case Friday with
>an Associated Press reporter who called seeking comment.
>John Garamendi said no improprieties had occurred. He also told Copley that
>he has borrowed money from his mother-in-law, not the trust, to finance his
>campaigns during his lengthy political career. He said he owes her about
>Garamendi, a two-time candidate for California governor, is a former state
>assemblyman and senator. He served as state insurance commissioner from 1990
>to 1994, then joined the Clinton administration as a deputy Interior
>He recently left that $136,700-a-year post to work as an investment banker.
>Patti Garamendi, an associate director of the Peace Corps, ran unsuccessful
>campaigns for the state Legislature and Congress.
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