The Hurwitz 5 Letter to FDIC 4/14/00

April 14, 2000

Ms. Donna Tanoue, Chair
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
550 17th Street NW
Washington, DC 20429

RE: William Isaac and the Hurwitz Five
Dear Ms. Tanoue,

I found it most interesting to peruse my latest FOIA request and find
former FDIC Chairman William "Bill" Isaac ranting on behalf of the MAXXAM

Under the Freedom of Information act, I would like to humbly request any
additional correspondence between your agency and William Isaac regarding
MAXXAM and Hurwitz. Mr. Isaac signs his name "Bill" in his handwritten note
to you in which he levels hysterical charges against the OTS. Under FOIA,
I would like to know if the FDIC knows if he is a paid lobbyist for
MAXXAM/ United Financial/Charles Hurwitz and whether or not he has
registered as such with the proper authorities. I would like records of
all appointments he has made with officials at the FDIC.

I think you know I have been as supportive as I can be of your agency's
efforts to reclaim all of our tax dollars. Yours is a lonely task. Your
agency is underfunded and underappreciated. Thus, I was alarmed to learn
that elected officials, along with Mr. Isaac, are interfering with your
ongoing litigation, stirring up memories of the Keating Five. Rep. Tom
Delay, Rep. Kenneth Bentsen, Jr. (his dad was buddies with Hurwitz),
Senator Christopher Bond, and Rep. Peter King (a disciple of Alphonse
D'Amato, a/k/a Senator Sleaze, a former Chair of the Senate Banking
Committee) have all written to you. Has your agency investigated whether
they have received donations from Charles Hurwitz and the MAXXAM
Corporation. If so, Keating Five type criminal violations may be ongoing.

I would like to alert you that I am preparing a "Hurwitz Five" press
release. It will refer to those four elected officials plus Isaac. I tell
you this because your agency deserves the ability to prepare a response.
I have no intention of putting you and your fine people on the spot.
Rather, I would like to offer you the chance to stand up for our rights as
American citizens. You have maintained a hard-line against Hurwitz, so
far, and against a suspiciously biased Judge, as well. Viva the appeals

I look forward to receiving the documents I have requested. Peace to you
and your associates. Thank you for your efforts.

For the wild in us all,

Darryl Cherney

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