Hurwitz 5 Action Alert Letters/Calls and Emails Needed Now!

Calls needed for Ethics Committee Investigation

Charles Hurwitz has been caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. He and
members of his MAXXAM Corporation have given campaign contributions to
Congressmen Tom Delay (R-TX), Ken Bentsen (D-TX) and Peter King (R-NY).
The three elected officials then wrote letters to the nation's banking
regulators at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the
Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) and attempted to interfere with
Hurwitz's two ongoing savings and loan trials. That's unethical and illegal
. Those two S&L trials (FDIC vs. Hurwitz and OTS vs. United Savings et al)
could regain us taxpayers over a billion dollars we had to pay to bail out
Hurwitz's failed savings & loan. It is understandable why Hurwitz is
shivering in his boots and trying to pay off politicians to get him out of
his mess.

Two other fellows are involved in this scandal: Senator Kit "Junk" Bond
(R-MO), who also received contributions from an old Hurwitz lobbyist and
wrote a letter on MAXXAM's behalf and former FDIC Chairman William Isaac,
who currently works for Hurwitz as a lobbyist to try to convince the new
FDIC Chair that Chainsaw Charley is really a nice, innocent fellow. Tough
job. Together with the three Congressmen, they make the "Hurwitz Five."

Call ALL these people at 202/225-7103

* Howard Berman (D-CA), ranking Democrat on the House Ethics Committee.
His attorney on Ethics is Bari Schwartz. Email is:

* Lamar Smith (R-TX) is the Republican Chair of the House Ethics Committee.
His assistant on Ethics is John Lampman. Email is:

* Robert Walker is the Chief of Staff of the House Ethics Committee.

* House Ethics Committee website is

Demand a full inquiry, investigation and public hearing on the Ethics of
the above mentioned politicians taking money from Hurwitz to interfere with
ongoing banking trials. Demand an investigation of William Isaac on how he
can one minute be the Chairman of the FDIC and the next minute work for
Charles Hurwitz and MAXXAM against the FDIC.

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