Tree-Sitter to Graduate HSU in a Redwood

Media Advisory

Nate Madsen Gives New Meaning to Higher Education

Rally Sat., May 13. Contact: Environmentally Sound Promotions 707/923-4949 or Nate Madsen 707/476-9580 (pager); On-line photos available at

There will be a graduation ceremony and rally for tree-sitter and HSU student Nate Madsen on Saturday, May 13, at 11:30 am on Freshwater Road just outside of Eureka: Nate has been sitting in an ancient redwood named Mariah for the last year and half to protect it from logging by MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber. During that time he has completed his Bachelors in Physical Science. He will not be able to attend the HSU ceremony and so his diploma will be presented to him at the tree by supporters. Attendees are encouraged to wear caps and gowns to this rally, which overlooks devastating logging of redwoods.

"I climbed this tree in an effort to protect the last of the ancient redwoods in Freshwater Creek," said Madsen, who is on leave from his job as a brewer for Mad River Brewing. Freshwater Creek is situated just outside Eureka. Madsen says he is trying to turn people on to the bigger picture. "We need to have a symbiotic relationship instead of a parasitic relationship with our planet," he said. "We need to learn the lessons they tried to teach us in kindergarten--to clean up the mess we've made. When I came up here I thought it was about people saving trees. Now I know it's about trees saving people," Madsen said.

Although a small portion of Pacific Lumber's ancient trees were protected in last year's Headwaters deal, Madsen says, "Protecting the Headwaters grove was insufficient because thousands of acres of other ancient redwoods are slated for logging as a result. The loopholes the Headwaters deal under the accompanying Habitat Conservation Plan renders current environmental regulations useless. It allows the taking of endangered species which is unacceptable."


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