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MAXXAM's Kaiser Aluminum cancels pensions & benefits (Jan 12, 2004)

FDIC v. Hurwitz Restitution demanded by MAXXAM 10/1/03

Did Agencies Blow $10M Maxxam Settlement? 11/11/02

FDIC Suit imperiled by OTS Settlement 10/22/02

Oct 2002: Corporate Raider Charles Hurwitz Settles with OTS in S & L Case

Oct 2002: Texas Financier to Settle S&L Case (Fri Oct 18, 2002)

Aug 2002: FDIC Case Against Texas Businessman Hurwitz Moves Forward With Approval of Subpoena -- Earth First! Beats FBI in Constitutional Rights Lawsuit

9/2001: Sad Development of OTS vs. Hurwitz case..

Posted Aug 20, 2001: Richard Pombo -- guilty of influence peddling in Congress..??

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Believe it or not: MAXXAM Sues the FDIC
Hurwitz Photo Gallery
FDIC versus Hurwitz--the Original Complaint
The Hurwitz Five Scandal - 5/1/00

Many new media articles added!

Houston Federal Court Judge Lynn Hughes of the FDIC versus Hurwitz trial.
Hughes is real friendly to Charles Hurwitz and claims to
hate the government, even though it his employer. Click here for his picture.

Petition to Banking Regulators to Reclaim our Stolen Money

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